“Thank you and goodnight!” He said as he strummed the last few chords on his guitar. I had seen this band play all over the east coast, but nothing was quite like tonight. I watched this band grow from a small town local boyband to a big time band of superstars. These five years had been everything—getting to watch someone build a dream right in front of your eyes is something so special.

One of my favorite pastimes in life is meeting with people that have traveled a lot. Traveling all over the world really opens your eyes to humanity as a whole and allows one to feel that much more connected to the rest of the world. Some of the best travelers that I’ve met are touring musicians. For years, I’ve loved following bands and watching them play from city to city. The only difference between traveling musicians and those that wish they could have that kind of life is the desire to make it happen.

This particular story all started back in the days of Myspace and Internet chat rooms—a long time ago, I know. It was summer and I was looking for local concerts to attend. I found this really great band that was playing a show a few miles away. So I grabbed my friends, went downtown and we were all blown away as soon as we heard the band play! Each song was hit after hit, and it was incredible to be one of the few people that got to see them before the rest of the world caught on to their amazing talent.


That night I bought their first EP and met the entire band. It was something out of a movie, like one of those coming of age films. Through Myspace messages, the lead singer and I stayed in contact and he would invite my friends and I to shows. Over the years I saw them a few different times, each time they had more fans than before.

One night right before they had their first hit single, they played a solo acoustic set for me and a few other fans. Hearing a song that was to become one of the best hits in the country, played two feet away from us was one of most memorable experiences I’ve had in my life.

So this time, five years later, in a different bar, in a different city, I saw him again. The same singer, the same voice singing a different song than before, but sounding just as beautiful. The best part of the night, just like the nights before, was that he remembered me. We talked about life, and dreams realized and how both made him want to keep living his as passionately as he did before he made it big. I realized then, that life is about the journey that you’re on and not just reaching the destination.

It had been five years since I first saw this band in that dive bar with an audience of ten people. It’s almost as if every person they’d ever met during the past five years fell in love with them as much as I did! They went from that dive bar stage to playing sold out arenas all over America, Europe and across the world. Now, I get to hear their songs in stores, see them on Good Morning America, and listen to their music in commercials.

The best part was being able to feel so connected to these people that have been pursuing their dreams for years, and that really changed my perspective on life. The amazing thing about touring musicians is that they can share their story and their magic with people all over the world. The amazing experiences that touring musicians have is possible for you too. Finding a kindred spirit in someone that lives in a different part of the world is one of the best things about touring and about travel in general.

So I encourage you to expand your worldview and spend your days seeing how other people live. Allow yourself to be touched by their words and allow your story to touch them as well.