You don’t have to be old to live a full life. Fulfillment is found in the realization of goals and the pursuit of happiness. When it comes to making the most of life, one of the truest things I’ve heard is that life is what you make it. You can choose right now, whatever age you are, to start living your life the way you want to. I choose every day to live my life unconventionally.

A year ago, right before I graduated college, everyone would ask, “what kind of job do you want?” When it came to me, my answer was always “I don’t want a “job”, I want to work on my art.” Many people would just shake their head and laugh or follow up with, “but what are you really going to do for money?”

It’s almost a part of human nature to set these guidelines and ideas for what our lives should look like. The whole “go to school, get a job, and start a family” scheme is what has been sold to us for many years. Thankfully, more and more people in this generation are accepting that a disruption in this cycle may actually be more fulfilling than the security of that day in day out desk job; it’s definitely true for me!

What are dreams for if they aren’t to be followed? As an artist, my job, goal, and my dream every day is to spend as much time honing my creativity and sharpening my skills. When I had the opportunity to accept a full-time job offer in my hometown or fly out to California to continue making art, I chose the obvious answer.

Choosing to put art first forces me to turn down certain opportunities that might make sense to most people. But each day I ask myself, “what’s keeping me from pursuing my goals?” The only thing standing in my way is myself! So I’m making money, saving money, booking the most cost effective flights and living life one day at a time.

I’ve learned and am still learning that we can’t let fear stop us from doing things that will improve our lives, even if they seem scary! There’s a world out there and it’s our responsibility to see it. Some people will never understand the need to travel, and chalk it all up to wanderlust, but those that know, know. And those that go will go!